Hola desde Argentina!!! Como están? Aunque estan siempre conmigo de alguna manera, estos ultimos dias en los que he estado pasando de una situación fuerte a la otra sin escalas, los he tenido más presentes que nunca. Las imágenes de Quentar se me han quedado fijadas en la parte de atrás de los párpados, y con ellas, la infinidad de emociones y aprendizajes en tan poco tiempo. Y la vida al final es eso, tan poco tiempo. No quiero desperdiciar mas del suyo, en estas pocas líneas mi inteción es que reciban mi fuerte abrazo, mi GRACIAS, mi amor incondicional hacia ustedes y mi deseo de que este mensaje los encuentre a todos tan bien como la última vez que nos vimos. Decirles que forman parte de mi trama, de mi corta estancia en este plano y que han nutrido mi corazón y espíritu de fuerza, claridad, y buena energía. Les dejo un cariño y recuerdos. Hasta siempre, hasta la próxima! Con amor Paz (Argentina), March 2016


Thank you so much to the wonderful people here, I feel truly grateful that I was able to have such an incredible time with amazing people. It is in such a beautiful part of Spain as well. Such a great experience, would recommend to anyone looking to think deeply and feel alive. Thank you!

Will (United Kingdom), April 2015

WOW! Im so grateful that i was les there... Meant to be! Iv taken away so much for my journey in life... I cant really describe it but im forever grateful and hope to return as a volunteer - axel, belen and afendi - BIG thanks and hugs to you all xxxx

Margo (New Zealand), April 2015

It was a great experience to stay at this place ! It is so welcoming and warm, you immediately feel safe, it's perfect if you need some peace and quiet ! I met amazing people there, and I had great discussions with Efendi, Axel and the other people there during my stay. I truly believe I left with something more, probably with a mind more open.

Adelaide (France), March 2015

German jewel in the spanish countryside. Beautifully arranged and looked after. Unique chance to learn about beautiful lives and the human being!

Hannes (United Kingdom), March 2015

It was truly an amazing experience staying with you, and probably the only place on my whole trip where I've felt so much at home. The moment you step through the door you can feel that everything is made for you to relax and find peace. The energy itself is amazing. On top of that this place is full of inspiring people. thank you so much for having us and thank you, Efendi for giving me renewed energy and making me believe that I will find my path. I hope I will return some day.

Ayoe (Denmark), March 2015

WOW, what a great experience it was to be at heart and tuning and we were so lucky to combine our stay here with a visit to Granada. We were already enthousiastic when we were reading about this place and the minute we walked in we felt at home. The hostal is very well equipped and cosy. It has a great kitchen, great view and we have met a lot of interesting people here. We talked to Effendi who is a very inspiring person with beautiful stories. He made us think about life, our goals and what we want to achieve. We will come back here in the future :-)

Mireille (Netherlands), February 2015

We were looking for a peaceful and relaxed weekend and found just the perfect place. We really enjoyed every single thing; the atmosphere, the volunteers, the hospitality, the charming stories, all the great talks, the walks and the "soul diving" experience. Thank you a lot for your time and your purity. Hope you all enjoyed as much as we did and that you liked our fantastic hummus made with so much love! We always will remember: "don't say how, say wow!" Un abrazo Efendi, hasta pronto!

Alba (Spain), February 2015

I'll never forget the moments we spent in this amazing place!! The mind blowing talks, mjammie food, cozy sleepingplace next to a woodfire, hikes over snowcapped mountains and sunny days in the valley of Quentar. Thank you so much Efendi, Axel and Belen for making us feel so welcomed and alive!! Hope to return one day :-)

Meryem (Netherlands), January 2015

It's been a while since I've experienced an unique exploration of inner worlds in this special place. for sure those moments will remain in my memory for long time. thank you for everything!

Raluca (Romania), January 2015

Wow! Staying here is like staying at a beautiful hostel (because that's exactly what it is) but so much better. I got to enjoy lunch with the volunteers each day and enjoyed lots of really interesting spiritual conversations with Efendi. If you are interested in hypnotherapy this is a great place to visit and even if you're not, it's a wonderfully cozy accepting hostel that feels like home. It's also an easy bus ride to Granada (capitol) but still out in the country with the beautiful stars. Really wonderful stay. Thank you!

Matea (USA), December 2014

It was a great time in Quentar, Efendi and Belen are really kind people and also the guests and volunteers staying there a the time were awesome - I immediately felt at home there. I had some inspiring conversations and made new friends and apart from that it was the perfect place to relax, recover, clear my head and find new energy and motivation! Thank you again, I'll be back! :]

Pflanze mit Hut (Austria), December 2014

My experience from this wonderful place is simply more than positive. I can imagine stay in Quentar and live with these very nice people for the rest of my life.I felt like a member of the big ,,Waldorf family" there.
I am very happy that I could stay five days and help a little bit with the beautiful small guest house and walked with your dog. It was like in paradise. Thank you for everything. Greetings from Prague. I hope I will see you again.

(Czech Republic), August 2014

My experience in Quéntar has been simply wonderful.
Beautiful people and fabulous place.
Unfortunately it was just for a short time, but it was enough to perceive its magical atmosphere.
As soon as I got there I felt simply at home.
Speaking to Efendi was not talking to a stranger, but It was like meeting a friend you haven t seen for a long time.
I really loved our discussions and I appreciated the amazing view of the mountains.
I will definitely come back in the future.
Meanwhile, I ll just try to look for the other black sheeps of our big family :)
Thanks for the life lesson and the amazing experience!
A big hug to you all :)

Raffaella (Italy), August 2014

A wonderful, peaceful place with very kind people, full of inspiring stories to tell. I felt like I was in a safe haven from the troubles of the world and left more open and with a clearer mind. Efendi and Belen and all the other lovely people there helped me remember the important things in life, without ever pushing anything on me or asking for anything in return, just by example.
Thank you so much for your hospitality! I hope to come back soon as a hostel guest and if you ever need any assitance/tips in Stockholm I would love to help in any way I can.

Hannah (Sweden), August 2014

It was a beautiful experience to meet this people and be hosted be them. I felt at home, sorrounded by light and care and at the same time given space, independence and love. I did felt like a kid at home, curious and inquisitive listening to all the wise storiesI was told. Very grateful for Efendi's openess to share and fo all the beautiful people I met there. Thank you and I hope i'll come back one day to meet you again for a while. Love&light for you.

Irina (Moldovia), August 2014

My experience with heart&tuning was fascinating. It was the perfect place for resting in the middle of the countryside after intense days of traveling, but most of all it was just a great human experience. This place has something magical, it connects people in unexplainable ways. Although you’re with people you’ve only known for a few hours, in some moments you just feel at home, and you laugh and talk like with old friends. Efendi’s stories take you to “another world”, and teach you how to say “maybe”. I would definitely recommend a visit – it’s a place you won’t forget. I truly hope and believe our paths will cross again one day.

Elena (Italy), August 2014

Efendi and his family are kind, warm hearted people, very hospitable, respectful, open minded and always interested in a good conversation. We spent time discussing hypnotherapy and other forms of healing. I even had the opportunity to hike through the beautiful mountains to a nearby lake, in the good company of their huge, yet very obedient, dog! Thank you for the meals we shared and the wonderful conversations. Staying with you was a valuable learning experience.

Theodora (Greece), August 2014

It must have being fate that bring us together. We enjoyed our stay very much in a cozy cabin over-seeing the mountains and the great session that we had with Effendi, which through his info, we're connected to a new friend in Morocco. An experience that we'll never forget.

Helma (Egypt) ,August 2014

Aprendi cosa mágicas en este lugar y a diario los recuerdos como uno de los mejores días de mi viaje por europa

Maria Fernanda (Mexico), July 2014

Staying with Efendi and his family was a much-needed peaceful experience. They gave me a cozy cabin to myself, cooked delicious meals for me, and always treated me with kindness and respect. Efendi is a hypnotherapist that even gave me 2 free sessions of hypnosis. I walked away from his home hopeful, at peace and confident. They even gave me a gift when I left. If you want a place nestled in the quiet Andalusian mountains where God whispers and hearts are graced then this is the place to come to.

Thank you for everything you have done for me Efendi and fam.

Zain (USA), July 2014

If you stay with Efendi and his family,you will spend your days and sleep in a breathing poem. Every part of this home in the mountains has been crafted down to the perfect line. Even stacks of bowls, rows of tea boxes,the cat sprawling in the shade,all work to create a perfect balance of red, peach, orange,gold. And, this aesthetic balance is simply the setting where you can find your own.Through deep conversation, shared food and stories, the generosity of this family will warm you to New experiences and opportunities. Go with an open heart and you will leave with a full one.

Olivia (Turkey), July 2014

this magic place was just an amazing experience, where i learned a lot of new positive thing for my life!! I can say that real love and people who care about the others still exist and in this small town in the spanish hill i received a huge amount of real love... Thanks Efendir, Belen, Axel, Tony, Duria!! all the best

Maria del Pilar (Chile), July 2014

It'a incredible experience! Met this place, this village and these people was so amazing for my life. It's a pleasure to share with them, their lives. Thank you soh much!

Thais (Brasil), July 2014

When I saw their profile I just felt "a bell ringing inside me". It's hard to explain, but something brought me there. The experience was simple and amazing, very hard to express how good I felt there.

Efendi gave me an opportunity to learn more about life, nature, human beings and myself. We had very good talks and appreciated vegetarian food with his family, Axel and Evelina. Axel also brought us to see the "Manolo's place" near Quentar.

After that I was renewed physically and mentally, an unique experience.

Thanks a lot and keep sharing this good energy and message =) I learnt a lot with all you!

P.S.: I really recommend the lake near there, the walk is quite hard hahaha but when you arrive and swim there, you recharge all your energy =D

Achilles, (Ireland), July 2014

Efendi is an open man with so many life experiences and stories to share, and Belen's cooking is fantastic! The village is quiet and a nice change of pace from city travel, and the cottage charming and neat. I was able to take a nice walk up to the lake (: I really enjoyed my stay with this family and would suggest them to anyone who has an open mind, loves new experiences and is looking to kick back a few days.

Christine (USA), July 2014

It was a multidimensional experience :)I cant describe with words....Im really greatfull that i had the possibility to spend 3 days there.Hope to see this lovely people again.

Cecilia (Hungary), June 2014

In our one month trip we stopped at Efendi place for two days and recharged our bateries. We had a long conversation about mistical aspects of life, we had good conversations with the other CSers, we had tasty vegetarians meals, we went on the mountains and had a swim in the lake, played with Dogo and the yellow cat,had been hipnotized:)and so on.
Thank you Efendi, Belen and Axel for the great times we had.

Adrian (Romania), June 2014

You run the most peaceful 'spaceship' ever with the tastiest, wholesome food I have eaten in a long time. I will definitely be in touch, say hello to the 'aliens' in India for you, and hopefully, return to sit at your feet and imbibe whatever you may be willing to share. Thank you so incredibly much for having me in your slice of heaven on earth.

Toto (India), June 2014

After many days in the cities, this was a good place to rest enjoing nature with long walks and having interesting conversations about human being's mind and spirituality.

Giovanni (Italy), June 2014

I was soo lucky to be hosted by Efendi, Belen and Axal, staying in their place was like living in paradise, both physically and mentally. I can’t believe such kind people exist in the world, giving out love without any condition. Efendi, thank you for putting a lovely seed in my heart that make me feel more positive and strong, now I am sure it will grow up and become a nice and strong flower 1 day. I learn to say “maybe” and “possible” now and wish that I can help people like you in the future.

Edith (UK), May 2014

Meet HeartandTunning was a strong experience, one of those I did not expect. Thanks Effendi for your open house and everything you share. I will going on with it and think about our discutions. Hasta luego!

Annabel (France), May 2014

Yo pensé pasar un buen momento zen en este lugar pero fue mucho mas que eso.Allí sucedieron cosas tan bonitas como sencillas, de las que ya estoy sintiendo sus efectos benéficos en mi camino.Mil gracias a todos, gracias por tantas "coincidencias".hasta una próxima,

Esmeralda (France), May 2014

Even though I only stayed one night, having had this experience at this place in the mountains of Quentar was one of the most relaxing moments I had during my trip through Andalucia. The whole family was very caring, friendly and affectionate. I had great moments of inner reflection after the after the spiritual session and I am very thankful for having me and my friend for that night. I would have stayed longer and had more time to live that moment, however even in just one day I could see how rich it was this time for my personal life. Thank you!

Matheus (Spain), May 2014

What an experience it was surfing in the mountains at this wonderful place. It was such a peaceful and relaxing weekend, exactly what I needed. I shared some wonderful conversation with Efendi, hearing all of his enlightening and as we both agreed, insane, stories. It was a pleasure to surf here, glad to have met you!

Samantha (USA), April 2014

What a magical place this is. I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend a few days in Quentar at this peaceful place. I was able to experience and learn so much. I feel this is a place that attracts people from all walks of life in exactly the moment they need it. Thank you for your warm hospitality, the experiences and the lessons I learned.

Erin (Spain), April 2014

Me quedé con Efendi, Belén y Axal por tres días. Fue una experiencia muy chula; aprendí mucho de Efendi y Axal. Quentár es un pueblo tranquilo y hay unas caminatas en el campo de 2 a 3 horas. La casa es muy acogedora, limpia y bonita. Estoy muy agradecida por la experiencia que tenía aquí. GRACIAS!!!!

Sarah (New Zealand), March 2014

Thanks for everything. I can't describe how i treasure to be there. We shared our views, in harmony, even though sometimes we were so different.
They brought me to visit another peaceful mountain and have picnic there.
I didn't have much to do in their place but I was fully occupied by reviewing my life. It's strange! But in their love, all strange things became acceptable.
I enjoy so much! Thanks!

Ivaline (Hong Kong), March 2014

I am so glad that I took some time to visit this beautiful place and meet those inspiring people. It was very interesting to listen to Efendi. I enjoyed the delicious meals and the company off all the people around me. Thank you so much

Leif (Germany), February 2014

I must say that i had an amazing time in this place. firstly i thought that i will stay just for 2 nights, but finaly i liked this place so much so i didn t wanna leave. i stayed finaly 2 nights more. I realy more than enjoy the stay here. i felt that i m part of this "family" (Axel and volunters included) Thank u realy much for your trust, time, food, smiles, leting me go for a walk with your dog, awesome cakes and much more of course ;) I wish u lots of new hostels guests and love

Sylvie (Czech Republic), February 2014

La vida no se equivoca y nos pone en el camino justo cuando lo necesitas, aprender, escuchar y compartir platicas que alimentaron mi alma, gracias por ser abundante y tener la gracia de compartirlo. Si tienen la oportunidad de tomarse un tiempo y escuchar... no lo duden! Saluditos desde México!! :D

Dora (Mexico), December 2013

i had a lovely few days with efendi, axle and belen. little noel taught me how to speak spanish! the house is in a gorgeous and quiet spanish town, surrounded by mountains and so quiet! efendi has the most amazing stories to share and it really makes you feel relaxed to be in this place. definately recommend visiting them! thanks again :)

Chloe (Australia), November 2013

Un lugar super lleno de Buena vibra para disfrutar del silencio, buenas conversaciones con Efendi, y compartir con la gente y animales buenisima onda del lugar :). Me super encanto, muchas gracias por la oportunidad, y espero verlos pronto ! :)

Betty (USA), November 2013

Querida familia. Thank you for receiving me with open hearts, thank you for sharing, for letting me to stay in a space where wonderful dances and meditations just happen, for the peace inside, breathing so freely.
Deeply touched.
En amor, siguiendo el camino*. Un abrazo desde el corazón.

Sveta (Russia), October 2013

A peaceful place. Kind hearts. Interesting and touching stories. Thank you for everything you offered. Thank Efendi who shared his cosy home and precious time with us. I open my eyes to see magic everyday :)

Hang Tran (Vietnam), October 2013

I was treated with open arms and open minds at Heart and Tuning. A spacious house was trusted to me as the majority of my stay was inside the house and gated environment. Loved the people here and had a very positive experience. I appreciate everything they offered from a room, to food, to a new way of looking at things. A great Couchsurfing host and great people in general.

John (USA), October 2013

This is not just a place to stay, this is the whole experience. Even though I've stayed there only for two days it made a truely strong impression on me. I have no words! A perfectly peaceful place with incredibly beautiful people, full of love. I am so glad I had an opportunity to meet you and talk to you, and really hope to stay in touch. Thank you all so much, keep thinking about you!

Weronika (Poland), September 2013

Staying at Heart and Tuning was overwhelmingly peaceful and relaxing. It is a wonderful place to get away from the city and explore spirituality. I very much enjoyed talking to Efindi. I was also able to go for a hike to the lake while I was there. This place is incredibly beautiful, located in the mountains, and will leave you feeling at home.

Ellen (USA), September 2013

A Great Place were you can fell a good energy, you can take contact with the nature, meet travelers and listen to Efendi's stories.
They're rally, really, really kind and polite; hosted me and 3 friends of mine and made the stay really pleasure.
Thank you so much!

Paolo (Italy), August 2013

Efendi is an insightful person who taught me how to open my mind and think different about this world. It's not easy but I will try.

All people in the house are very friendly. The atmosphere of the house also makes deep conversation easy to happen. I strongly recommend this place to those who want to have a new perspective to this world!

Chin Wang Ho (China), July 2013

I stayed in this very chilllled out place for 3 days and didn´t want to leave, but I had to continue my path... These guys gave me good food for mind, body and soul - a lot of input to think about, mindblowing stories about the possibilities of life. Very inspiring. I enjoyed these days a lot!! Thanks for taking me to las cuevas. 
Hasta la proxima!

Robert (Germany), June 2013

I'm honored, pleased to be a Part of Your Family.
Heart Tuning didn't only host me, they touched my Heart, brought Peace to my Soul, showed me that a Real Home does really exist, that Miracles still happen in our days, thanks to them I joined Couch Surfing.
Heart Tuning is an experience to be lived, not only to talk about.
With All My Love & Respect

Salar (Switzerland), May 2013

It was such a wonderful experience to meet you, to stay with you for a while, to talk and share the energy. Thank you so much for the warm and joyful stay I had with all of you. My heart is now really feeling better and full with hope and light. Amazing people and beautiful mountains.

Nevena (Bulgaria), April 2013

Thanks for opened you home, showing your life and a different view of the world. I felt welcomed with kindness and friendliness, they also listened to me and shared their experience, history and knowledge. Beauty, peace, harmony, good atmosphere and a new point of view. They were a big inspiration for me and I'm grateful for this time.

Agnieszka (Poland), March 2013

sometimes you just know. no questions needed. thank you very much for sharing your time and space, gratefulness in heart and mind. the place where my inside journey took off. Teresa (Austria), March 2013

So wonderful and peaceful. Thank you for opening your space, sharing your food, and showing me Manolo´s place among other things. For the surfers out there... if you like things of the spirit - have a visit here. I only hope that opportunities may arise so that I may come back and stay at your hostel for a longer period. Many well wishes and looking forward!

Jon (USA), February 2013

Unexpected. Wonderful. Beautiful. Peaceful. Generous.
Serving the creation.
I thank God.

Annie (France), November 2012

Estuve en el sur de España, movida por un impulso que no entendía y bajo mucha lluvia, hasta que llegué a Quéntar, donde todo cobró un sentido. Hablar con el Efendi fue un honor que no olvidaré porque abrió en mi mente nuevas líneas de pensamiento. El resto del grupo? Bueno, son seres "luminosos". Gracias.

Maria (Argentina), November 2012

Thank you Efendi, Axel, Belen, Esmeralda and Latifa for welcoming me and sharing me your way of life. I have learnt so much from this experience and I am glad I have had the opportunity to meet the Quentar family. Thank you for everything.

Kathleen (Phillipines), November 2012

Indeed a home away from home... Everybody welcomed me with kindness and friendliness, they listened to me and shared their home, their stories and their way of life very openly with me.
Thank you for providing a break, some ideas, some inspiration, relaxation and more than all, positivity. Thanks Efendi, Axel, Belen and Mercedes for reminding me some different ways.

Noa (Israel) October 2012

Gracias por todo. Habeís conseguido hacer de este "guest house" un rincón del paraíso.

Juliette (France) September 2012

As I expected, in the house of this family, in the village of Quentar, I
found a place to relax after a busy week in Granada. Alex welcomed me and
took me to a nice restaurant. He introduced me to their way of life. Later,
I had the opportunity to listen to the stories of Efendi.  However, I think
I'm not the right person to deal with their ideas of life.  But they respect
your opinion and they won't try to change your mind. Although there was not
really a dialogue. But maybe this is just because I preferred to listen
rather than to give my opinion.
I left in peace but with a kind of strange feeling...

Marieke en Bert (Belgium), August 2012

The most special experience I've had so far,very inspiring!Effendi's
stories have broaden my knowledge of the world,I also learnt more about
meditation,and finally may start to do it myself.Axel is very nice and
helpful,I enjoyed a great flamenco show thanks to him.:)Thanks for

Cindy Yuan (China), July,14th 2012

To my friends in Quentar (Efendi, Axel, Latifa y Esmeralda)

I am very sorry I left in such a hurry this morning - only one morning train from Granada and El Camino calls me. But I write this letter to show my deep appreciation for all of you and all that you do. Your hospitality here was far beyond anything I've experienced before and I've learned important lessons from each one of you - lessons I will carry with me on the journeys ahead. Your grace and care was a constant reminder that home is not far away when people who show love are near. Your individual explorations of light, love and energy are an inspiration to solo wanderers such as myself. I hope, that all continue the great work that you all do.

Esmeralda - you are subtle yet charming. Truly a good friend and a hard worker. Good luck with your interview and your search for jobs. Remember whatever you do, do it with love and you will be rewarded for your courage.

Latifa - Your smile warms my heart. You are gentle and caring like the moon. Your heart is big and your arms open and welcoming. Keep doing your art, it is your key to great happiness.

Axel - Your eyes are clear and your mind is quiet. Your ability for understanding is only matched by your ability to be a dear friend. Thank you for all that you shared with me here. You are a prized mentor.

Efendi - We did not speak long, but more was unnecessary. Your words will echo in my mind for years to come. The community you have built here is a gem and you are the nobelest of guides for the people you meet. I cannot thank you enough, so I'll just go on smiling, being on good behavior, and practicing my rituals.

Muchas Gracias

Darrow Feldstein (USA) july 10th, 2012


Hola!! Efendi y Axel, les escribo porque los he tenido en mi pensamiento frecuentemente desde que los conocí, realmente encontrarlos fue para mi una experiencia espiritual fuerte, quedé muy conmovida ante tu entrega Axel, y el modo en que tu ser sintonizaba ahí. Y también tuve la extraña sensación de que ustedes vieran más allá de uno, digamos de las imagenes cotidanas que construimos, incluso sentí a veces que conocían eventos o cosas acerca de mi, quizas sea un delirio, o quizas la forma en que estan conectados espiritualmente los hace más perceptivos a las personas,no se, no lo se...

Itati (Argentina) july 8th, 2012


WOW!!!!!!!! Words are not good enough to describe this place and these people. Beautiful souls who'll make you feel like one beautiful soul too, who'll give you in a little time just what you need for a good new beginning.. Didn't get the chance to meet them all but for Axel and Efendi, I claim that you'll enjoy every second of the time spent with them.. They'll give you everything they can and they'll give you that straight from the heart... Hope we'll see each other again..maybe in India??? Love from me.

Ivana Bukovac (Croatia) june 23rd, 2012


the perfect choice if you are in search. in search for peace, knowledge, vibration, sens, life. The members of the family are very open-minded, smiling, helpfull.
In Quentar you can do everything - to have an interesting and maybe provocative talks, to go to Flamenco show, to do hiking, to estimate another way of living. the stay with the family will enrich you, for sure.
Thank you!

Anna Brusova (Russia) june 8th, 2012


I had such a lovely, most relaxing and calm moment staying with the family. The village was beautiful and peaceful. The family were very kind and accommodating. I enjoyed listening to Effendi story, Axel was very helpful, thanks to Latifah for the nice food and company and Esmeralda for letting me to stay while she's away. Once again BIG thank you to the Quentar Family for the hospitality.

Aslina Kasiman (England) may 13th, 2012


La familia Quentar tiene esa chispa que enciende, se contagia e ilumina. Quedarnos con ellos fue una experiencia movilizante, aunque ciertamente demasiado corta para lo que nos hubiera gustado compartir.
Muchas gracias! sobre todo por la sencillez y el amor puesto en cada cosa!

Itati (Argentina) April 28th, 2012


The Quentar Family. A different but yet magical place.
Although neither Lourdes or I are spiritual people we enjoyed the welcoming warmth and attitude of the people in Quentar.
One can choose to agree or disagree with the family's view on life, but it is hard to refuse that their members have an in-breed humanity and is making an effort to make newcomers welcome in their town.

All in all, whether or not you share the spiritual sense, as long as you come with an open mind, you are bound to be exposed to a positive experience by the well-meaning people of the Quentar Family.

Andres Serup (Denmark) April 10th, 2012


Una Experiencia genial, toda la Quentar Family han sido mas que generosos, no solo te abren la puerta de sus casas te llenan de gracia con su amistad y su energia. Estoy realmente agradecido por esta hermosa experiencia, espero volver a verles muy pronto.

Gaston Moreno (Argentina) April 3rd, 2012


I was in Quéntar for 4 days (i was supposed to stay only 2, but liked so much that i end up staying 2 more!) and i had a lovely time with the family!
They are really sweet people with a big heart!
Thank you for the conversations, the meals (the best russian food i've ever ate), and everything else!
I hope to see you again some day!

Denise Stolnik (Brazil) March 29th, 2012


The Quentar Family are amazing hosts. They live up in a very beautiful mountain range outside Grenada. They showed me and told me many things. We sang and prayed and shared stories! I would say that my stay there was somewhat life changing and it definitely changed the course of events that followed on my trip. Interesting people who are full of love. A great and hospitable group! xo

Justin Prim (USA) March 4th, 2012


Quentar family..I will never forget these people and time spent with them. Each of them is like a precious diamond, I think of them every day with love and warmth. Also the atmosphere of love and harmony in their house and beauty and peace of the village make it a perfect place to visit, grasp a drop of wisdom from conversations with Efendi, enjoy smiles and friendliness of his kids. Also it is a great place for making friends. Here I found a beautiful soul, a sister, and for that I’ll always be grateful to Quentar family

Alma Soleada (Russia) February 7th, 2012


It is magical how people find each other..when they open their home doors and most importantly loving hearts. Thank you for sharing your spiritual experiences, it was a weekend full of blissful light and peace.

Mingaile Zemaityte (Lithuania) January 4th, 2012


Quentar family was my first Couchsurfing expirience, and I can't imagine any better way to start this!
Its a comfortable house in little beautiful village, but what made it so special was the wonderful family that easily made me feel at home, sharing experiences, ideas, love, respect, trust.. things that remind me of the real importants things in life, the ones that come from the heart and from the soul!
Thank you so much!
I will never forget you..

Katia Aline (Brazil) December 12th, 2011


Thanks a lot to Efendi and the Quentar Family!
I had the possibility to visit this place since a lot of years. Every time it was different and always I was able to learn something important for my life. I am thankful that I had the permission to meet Efendi and his friends nearly twenty years ago. In those days my life changed completely.
I hope to meet you again and again!

Thomas Then (Germany) October 11th, 2011


My friends from the Quentar Family hosted me several times in many years! I was always impressed by their kindness, wisdom, openness and hospitality! Thanks a lot!

Stefan Vetter (Germany) October 10th, 2011



sharing and love and many many interesting stories.....a lot of white and blue and pink...sometimes yellow and green and red....and smells of roses...and nice dogs....and friends we met....and going up and down the streets...and smiles....and many cups of tea.....

love....definately love all around...

Anita Amanita (Italy) August 15th, 2011


It was a beautiful and learning experience. It gave me a stronger believe in the spirituallity of this world. They were all kind and so generous, and my friend and I really enjoyed living in the beautiful village.
In the end it also gave me the confidence to be me, not to think in the 'normal' way and it reinforced my interest in a lifestyle very different from my own. Thank u!

Ea Støvring (Denmark) August 13th, 2011


Lovely, warm , welcoming,wonderful, sharing, communicative, laughting... there are many words to discribe the time we shared with the Family in the beautyful little Quentar but none which really can tell. I am glad to met you and your home cause now i can take this with me where ever i go.Thank you!!! unfortunatly i left unexpected today and could say goodbye to everyone of you till me might meet next. Namaste

Jeenyma (Germany) July 21st, 2011


It was a really memorable experience to spend one nıght with Quentar family.Thanks to Esmeralda who hosted me.Everyone is very positive and helpful in this family.And of course thanks to Efendi giving the book of ''La ultima Barrera''as a present.We had a challenging conversation by watching incredible scenery.I hope to come back again one day.Thanks a lot.

Okan Samiloglu (Turkey) April 19th,2011


I just can`t describe how happy I am for spending this two days with you! such nice people, with such a nice heart!! I have no words to describe this great experience!! I'll try to come back and visit you guys again! kisses and love!

Natalia Pi (Brazil) April 10th, 2011


The Quentar "family" was a great experience! it was the first time we (Christina, and I) met a group that were practising "Sufism", and we found it super interesting, specially because the family is very open and warm! they invited us to see their ceremony and they were open to answer all of our questions honestly which we appreciated a lot.
We believe that Couchsurfing is mainly about meeting and learning a new culture, and here, it's as good as it gets!

Christina and I were staying with the lovely Esmeralda, which was a great time for us. Esmeralda is very warm person and a great host! we really felt welcome.

Thank you so much for learning something new, and for the experience!

Howard Roark (Germany) April 1st, 2011


Thank you for everything. Meeting you was one of the greatest lessons in my journey. Lesson of getting complete and sharing love, and lesson of changes :) Everything changes :)
Thank you from all my heart.

Gintare Stankute (Lithuania) March 18th 2011


These are good people, some of the best you will ever meet. My host was Esmeralda, and I can't overstate her generosity or thank her enough for bringing me to the wonderful spiritual gathering where I met the whole family. I was feeling a bit astray when I came to Quentar and am now a little surer on my path for having been there.

Tiffany Tsai (USA) January 26th, 2011


I really enjoyed meeting Effendi while stopping with the Quentar community. They were warm, hospitable, friendly and spiritually astute. The village is a beautiful place to retreat to. I hope one day to spend more time there. Thank you Effendi and Axel. Come and visit me!

Alan Bain (England) January 25th, 2011


I am glad to have spent even 3 weeks with the Family and always felt welcome and cared for. Interesting place with interesting people on the one journey. Good to know you are there.

Dan Burc (Germany) August 30th, 2010


I found a gem in Quentar,Granada.It is great to speak the same language.Everybody was nice and so welcoming to me.The place i stayed was cute and peaceful.Thanks for your hospitality.I am sure we will keep in touch and our frienship will continue.See you in Istanbul.

Istanbul Neshe (Turkey) August 18th, 2010


Thank you for this opportunity. In search of the Real, one finds this unique family/community. Genuine seekers of love and a deep humanity. Teaching by Being.

Barbara Knyper (USA) July18th, 2010


Inolvidable estadía en Quentar.
No puedo describir la gratificación que siento por haber podido pasar dos días con esta maravillosa familia.
Las charlas con Efendi, mi estadía con Latifa, la tarde con Esmeralda, entre muchas otras cosas.
Gracias a TODOS, de corazón.

Un beso grande, y espero visitarlos en un futuro cercano.

Gisela Pasik (Argentina) July 4th, 2010


Words won’t be enough to express how grateful I am to the Quentar family or how much my I enjoyed my stay in Quentar. Also, the inspiring conversation I had with Efendi was memorable.
Thank you very much for your generosity.

Rachid Lakhal (Morocco) July 2nd, 2010