We offer individual weekend retreats for one or two persons.
This allows you to have a closer and more personal contact with our coach.
The normal schedule for a weekend program is as follows :
Arrival friday early afternoon.
After a coffee or a tea the first trancepersonal coaching session from 5-8 pm.
9 pm dinner, free time and resting.
Saturday 9 am breakfast.
10am-1 pm hiking and awareness
2pm lunch
5-8 pm trance session
9 pm dinner, free time and resting.
Sunday 9 am breakfast
Free time to explore the village and surroundings
2 pm lunch
5-8 pm soul diving session
9pm dinner, free time and resting
Monday 9 am breakfast
Our schedule is flexible. We may provide retreats during the week. Please consult.
For your privacy you will stay in a beautiful two bed room with private bathroom. This will allow you at any moment to retreat and relax.
If you wish, you may enjoy the company of other guests.
Our meals are all ovo-lacto-vegetarian and you will take them in company of one of our facilitators and other staff members.
Accommodation, all sessions and meals are included.
One person weekend retreat : 180 €
Two person weekend retreat : 240 €

If you wish to stay longer at our guesthouse please consult for availability and prices.